Axelent Australia Is Your Complete Safety Supplier

Over three decades, Axelent has grown to become one of the world's leading companies for innovative, modular and compliant industrial safety solutions. What started as a six-person team in the small town of Hillerstorp, Sweden, has now expanded to a 350-person team spread across the globe. The Axelent spirit, characterised by dedication, high ethical standards and empathy, permeates all of our local offices.


What do we do?

We don't just offer safety products, we provide complete solutions to any foreseeable and unforeseeable safety issues you may have. All of our products from machine guarding, impact protection, fall protection and cable basket tray, are integrable for a holistic solution for maximum safety.


Machine guarding

X-Guard is a modular machine guarding system with smart components for your safety and adaptability. It's modularity and thoughtful design has made it the best-selling machine safety fencing on the market. 

Thanks to the smart and easy click fitting installation and safe dismantling through the X-Key, convenience is now possible. Did we mention that you can also move and extend Axelent's machine guarding to evolve with your workplace? We don't just think about your safety for now, we think of how it can still be used in your future. 

Being compliant to the current safety of machinery directives and standards on a global scale makes it an easy-decision when you are looking for machine guarding safety solutions. 


Impact Protection

Unlike many shock protectors and impact protection on the market, Axelent's X-Protect is an easy to assemble, tested and modular solution for the safety of people and assets.

It once again allows for seamless expansion and re-configuration to suit your evolving requirements as a business.

It is a safe, cost-efficient and sustainable solution ensuring processes, logistic flow and most importantly, people are kept safe.

From pedestrian barriers, to gravity swing gates, bollards and various height impact barriers, X-Protect has a solution for you. 

Fall Protection

How can you improve safety on mezzanine floors and platforms in your workplace? Simple. Axelent's X-Rail safety system eliminates the risk of falling from heights by a variety of panel types and accessories such as kickplates and handrails.

With Axelent's X-Rail system, you will get a strong, easy-to-install and completely modular solution that is tested and approved against the following standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 14122-3: 2016
  • BS 6180:2011
  • AS 1657:2018
  • OSHA 1910.29


Cable Basket Tray

Axelent's cable tray is designed with quality and functionality in mind. With various sizes and material and coating selections for corrosive environments, this wire tray is built to last. 

X-Tray is a tested and approved solution in accordance to IEC 61537 as well as fire tested under AS/NZS 3013:2005. 

Not only is the product a strong cable management solution, the installation makes all the difference with square holes to speed up installation using carriage bolts. 

Not only is X-Tray a standalone premium product, it is the natural choice for Axelent's maching guarding, X-Guard



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