Cable Basket Trays

Axelent's cable tray, X-Tray, is developed as an easy to install and efficient cable management basket solution that provides a safe and organised work environment. The cable routing system is a premium brand and complies with the highest demands on basket tray according to IEC 61537.
X-Tray is a smart, versatile cable management basket system tested and approved for various corrosion classifications, as well as a natural choice for Axelent's machine guarding, X-Guard. 


X-Tray for X-Guard

Examples where Axelent's basket tray be used...

Food & Beverage

To meet the high hygiene demands put on the food industry, Axelent has developed cable trays that are easy to clean and versatile for vertical, horizontal and curved placements for seamless operations.

Machine Builders

When machines are designed, not much consideration is given to the cable routing. That is why X-Tray is a versatile solution, simple to shape and cut to the required fit. Bolt cutters, a 13mm spanner and a few brackets ae all that is needed.

Off Shore

Tailored solutions for oil platforms, ships and ports. Hot dip galvanized and stainless material 316l for all very high and extreme corrosion classifications. Approved by DNV for use within global offshore.

Clean Room & Pharmaceuticals

Tailored solutions for fitting in high/medium/low hygienic zones. Designed with few surfaces where dust could settle and no cavities where bacteria could thrive. They are easy to vacuum and clean with water.

 X-Tray Cable Trays -
A premium brand from start to finish!

We designed our production plant ourselves to live up to our prime quality pledge. Quality and flexibility are our guiding lights, and nowhere does this shine through more clearly than in the fact that we test and pass each individual weld. 

X-Tray excels in the toughest environments!

From the outset, the development of X-Tray has focused on creating a premium brand within cable routing systems. To guarantee consistent premium quality we continuously perform tests on our products. Ask us more about the AS/NZS 3013:2005 fire test, IEC 61537 and equipotential bonding.

AS/NZS 3013:2005 Fire test

Equipotential bonding

IEC 61537


X-Tray Calculation Tool

X-Tray Calculation Tool is a helpful tool where you can calculate how much cable trays/cable ladders and additional accessories you will need for a certain project. All you need to do is fill out the required surface treatment, the desired sizes, the types of suspensions and the length of cable trays you need. You can add special turns or connections and the tool will help you add the extra length needed. The software will then give you a material list of all the wire trays and accessories needed such as nuts, bolts, fittings, etc. From which you can use to get an accurate quotation.

Download X-Tray Calculation Tool


The complete concept

  • Rapid Assembly – Neat Installation – Secure Results
  • Small range that is flexible for a complete installation
  • Unique assembly with the U-Bar system
  • Only two tools required: Bolt cutters and a 13 mm spanner
  • Only M8 bolt to all installations
  • Optional placement of joints between the support brackets
  • A range of materials and finishes for a variety of environments and needs
  • All the trays are labelled with the material abbreviations
  • The system is tested in compliance with IEC 61537
  • Customised solutions for optimum functionality
  • The strongest quick joining on the market


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