Impact protection

X-Protect is a range of modular impact protection and is the most recent addition to Axelent’s portfolio of workplace safety products. Safety is just our starting point. Our goal is flexibility. Welcome to a new era of impact protection with products designed to simplify your future!

Impact barriers

Pedestrian barrier system

Floor Barrier


Column guards

The advantages of
Axelents impact protection

Most products on the market work well as shock protectors but are hard to assemble. Axelent offers you a impact protection system that is super easy to install. Secondly, most of the existing products lack true flexibility, are hard to extend and not possible to build upon an existing system of protection.

If you have a production or a warehouse that needs to expand, you would have to tear the current system down and start all over again. This is both timeconsuming and very expensive. This was before X-Protect! 

X-Protect is the only impact protection system that changes with your needs. Its uniquely modular design allows you alter existing configurations. With X-Protect you can add protection where and when you need it, and even integrate with our X-Guard machine guarding system. That is unique on the market.

Axelent's wide range of impact protection includes impact barriers, pedestrian barriers, bollards and column guards.

    • Unique, modular design 
    • High flexibility 
    • Possible to integrate with Axelent's machine guarding
    • Quick and easy installation 
    • Allow limitless combinations
    • Innovative anchoring system is extremely kind to the floor, meaning small diameter,
      shallow fixings can be used.
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yellow and black pedestrian impact barrier assembly

Focus on sustainability

Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds. Only one kind of plastic is used in each part, which makes the product optimal for recycling. When it is worn out, you can simply recycle the material. It also allows for damaged or worn parts to be replaced at a component level. The materials are the result of careful choices, all to make X-Protect as long-lived and environmentally friendly as possible.

Smart packaging

All X-Protect components have been designed with packing efficiency in
mind, so that space is optimised. Furthermore, we use our X-Pack packing philiosophy so the parts you need are on hand and installations can start quickly. An advantage for you as well as the environment.

Assembly made easy

X-Protect is incredibly easy to assemble and dis-assemble with minimal tools. You simply slide the rails between the posts. This also makes it quick and easy to change to a different configuration, or replace a worn component.


Complete modularity is key to X-Protect being highly flexible. Assembling our impact protection system is in many ways like using building bricks. Combine our different components to form the optimal configuration for your specific needs. Of course you can easily integrate it with X-Guard, our machine guarding system.

yellow and black pedestrian impact barrier assembly

Impact protection fully tested

Axelent's impact protection has been through vigorous testing at our state-of-the-art facility. Using a weighted forklift truck replica, we can apply repeatable realworld forces to impact zones. All of this to give you peace of mind that X-Protect provides you with all the protection you need.

Throughout the design process we have done loads of simulating testing with really complexed computer modeling. When it comes to releasing a new product line, we needed a test area that was fully accountable where we can demonstrate we done tests as scientifically as possible. The test has been externally audited to verify that we made the test by the book.



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