In five and a half years, little 'Axelent Automation & Safety' has done lots of big things that we are proud of.

We always strive to offer our customers a complete solution using world-leading products, carefully selected using our years of industry experience.

Throughout Australia and New Zealand the Axelent name has become synonymous with excellent quality and being truly competitive on price. We have handpicked a group of distributors who are as passionate about the Axelent products as we are, to ensure our customers are provided with the best service, wherever they are.

Today we tie all of these points together with the launch of our new website. Focussed on showcasing all of the products from our family of brands the site has been designed as a central resource for everything Axelent Automation and Safety represents, whether you are looking for a quick product reference or a more detailed technical guide.

So on that note, welcome to our new website! We must extend our gratitude to the Axelent Marketing team in Sweden for patiently working with us over the past few months to get us to this point.

On behalf of the rest of the Axelent Automation & Safety team, onwards and upwards for 2016!

Ty Harwood
Axelent Automation & Safety
Managing Director

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