Pilz Australia is pleased to announce the official appointment of Teksal Safety in Western Australia and Axelent Australia as authorised Systems Partners for their respective regions.

While both companies have had a long history as distributors of Pilz products and services, the appointment as an authorised Systems Partner makes them the only two companies with official agreements such as these with Pilz Australia. They have the broad knowledge, experience and training to represent Pilz in their respective regions for our complete range of products and services.

Pilz is always looking to improve our customer experience and the appointment of these systems partners will provide an even better level of service in these regions moving forward.


The value provided by partnering with these organisations include;

- proximity of  trained and knowledgeable staff, ensuring market leading levels of customer service
- access to extensive local stock holdings, significantly reducing delivery times
- assurance that the delivered  products include valid manufacturer warranties and are not grey market sourced
- knowledge that the products supplied represent the latest version with up to date firmware installed


When it comes to machinery safety it is important to involve people that understand more than just the product features and price. Teksal and Axelent are companies that specialise in machinery safety, which is why they can provide the support and experience required to ensure your machinery and plant are safe. Don’t gamble with your automation and safety solutions, ensure you are engaging experts in the field.

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