Axelent Australia Sponsors Somerton SLSC At The 2024 Aussie Championships

The Australian Surf Lifesaving Championships or ‘Aussies’ is an annual surf life saving competition. It is the largest event of its kind showcasing skills and physical abilities required to save a life.


This year it was held from April 13-21st in Queensland's Sunshine Coast and attracted over 7,000 competitors from 314 Clubs who competed in a range of beach and ocean events.

Axelent Australia supported a group of youth members from Somerton Surf Lifesaving Club to attend the Championships. The event, as Ali Hill (Vice President of the Somerton SLSC) explains;

"Did not disappoint, with proper sunshine coast swell producing tough conditions that really challenged the 1500+ U13-15 competitors".

The Somerton crew were extremely proud of their members efforts in their first ever Aussies with great performances in the water.

"We are really looking forward to doing it all again next year. The growth in the group is phenomenal, even across only a few days of racing. The conditions were so different from SA so it was great to have this experience. We really appreciate the support of our touring sponsor Axelent Australia and Drew Hoxey".

- Ali


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