SAVE THE DATE - Axelent Safety Webinar 8th of June at CET 11:00 am

Don’t miss out on Axelents Safety Webinar - From risk assessment to the choice of guards 

Our safety expert Matthias Schulz will explain all question marks around risk assessments and how it helps make the right decisions when choosing guards: correct height, correct type of panel (mesh, sheet metal, plastic).


Axelents Safety Webinar - SAVE THE DATE - 8.6.2023 CET 11:00 am - The topic is “From risk assessment to the choice of guards” 


The webinar will deal with these topics: 

  • The role of risk assessments 
  • How to determine proper height and positioning of guards 
  • What type of panel to choose 
  • What bearing the access frequency has on design

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Axelent Safety Design

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Discover simplicity with our intuitive drawing application, perfect for effortlessly crafting safety layouts. Safety Design offers a comprehensive range of products, from machine guards to pedestrian barriers, covering all aspects of safety in machinery and warehouse environments. Embrace a safer workspace with Safety Design, where safety meets simplicity.