What are the recommended locations for installing impact barriers?

Impact barriers, also known as crash barriers, are typically installed in areas where there is a high risk of vehicular accidents. Let's explore where we can maximise warehouse safety with impact barriers.

Face Ends of Rack

Safeguard storage areas by installing impact barriers at the face ends of racks, reducing the risk of collisions and damage to stored goods.

Entry Points of Truck Aisles

Enhance safety at loading docks and storage facilities by strategically placing impact barriers at the entry points of lorry aisles, minimising the potential for accidents during loading and unloading operations.

Around Sensitive Equipment Near Traffic Routes

Shield valuable equipment positioned along traffic routes with impact barriers, providing an additional layer of protection against accidental collisions.

At Workplaces Near Traffic Routes

Mitigate the risk of vehicular accidents at workplaces by placing impact barriers strategically along traffic routes, ensuring the safety of employees navigating through these areas.

At the Bottom End of Slopes and Ramps Leading Onto Traffic Lanes or Workplaces

Install impact barriers at the bottom end of slopes and ramps leading to traffic lanes or workplaces to prevent unintended vehicular entry and enhance overall safety.

In Front of Glass Walls Around Office Space on the Shop Floor

Safeguard office spaces on the shop floor by placing impact barriers in front of glass walls, minimising the potential for damage and ensuring a secure working environment.

The placement of impact barriers should result from a comprehensive assessment of potential hazards within the workplace.

Consulting with our safety experts is essential to determine the most effective locations for these barriers, ensuring they serve their purpose in preventing accidents and minimising the risk of facility damage. 

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