A time to take care of each other - words from Axelent's CEO Mats Hilding

Our mission, since our inception in 1990, has been to protect people. In the situation we are in today, this has never felt more important. Our highest priority now is to safeguard the health of our employees and our customers and to ensure the stability of our operations.

Mats Hilding)


A time to take care of each other

We have no disruptions in our operations and our production is up and running. However, we take all security measures we need to protect our employees and to maintain our service and deliveries to our customers. We minimize all our travel and physical meetings, but we do not cancel the meeting but keep in touch with you digitally instead. Our employees are asked to stay at home with the slightest symptoms of illness and we have a restrictive visit policy.

Axelent still has no problems buying raw materials or other products from our suppliers. We are extremely pleased with the fine network of suppliers we work with and follow the inventory levels closely to continue to ensure deliveries to our customers. Axelent's goal is to work to a large extent with suppliers in our immediate area, which is extra grateful for the situation we are in right now.

Although the world situation is tough, there are flashes of light in the dark and I think we can find our way forward together. Alone is not strong in this position. At Axelent, we have always had a strong team spirit and commitment to our customers and our business and in difficult situations like the one we are in right now, the concern for each other shows even more. I am extremely proud of that!

Take care of each other,

Mats Hilding

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