Axelent Group

We create the conditions for a safe and competitive industry

Axelent AB offers a complete safety concept for machinery, construction, storage and cable trays. The Axelent head office is in Hillerstorp, Sweden, where all product development, production, storage and packaging takes place. Axelent has sales offices in 60 countries and the products are sold worldwide.
The Axelent Group is made up of the four companies Axelent, Axelent Engineering, Axelent Software and Safe-X. These companies have the joint mission of making Swedish industry competitive through automation, safety, rational procedures, functions and expertise.

Axelent Safe-X

Safety doesn't have to be complicated or difficult. It's about choosing the right products for the right purpose. Safe-X offers a wide range of safety products for industry, warehouse and construction. The best seller is called "BikeUp", a unique two-storey bike rack with an innovative solution that doubles the capacity of the number of parking spaces.