Axelent X-Tray cable tray in black

You can now download our latest version of SnapperWorks and finally be able to draw your wire trays straight on to the machine guard.

Our black X-Tray range for X-Guard has been updated with several new items. Even the items that have been around for a while have been given new item numbers. Make sure you update these to get the right products in your order.

You will find the item list here

The simple, intelligent and flexible X-Tray wire tray is available for the X-Guard system. The advantage of using these wire trays is that special brackets are available for X-Guard poles and mesh panels to ensure quick, easy and, not least, good-looking assembly. Elegant solutions without welding and, as for X-Guard, assembled using only a few brackets and tools. Ordering wire trays when you order your machine guard gives you a complete machine guard which will be ready on time.


New version of SnapperWorks

You can finally draw your wire trays for your machine guard in our latest version of SnapperWorks. 

The trays are selected under the X-Guard tab and can be drawn where you require them on X-Guard’s mesh panel. The material is automatically added to the material specification.

Axelent SnapperWorks bill of material

Contact Sebastian Jiteg if you want a Snapper licence or more information and support.

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