Axelent X-Tra - For extra safety at the workplace

Axelent X-Tra is a range of smart products that add that little extra to your company’s safety. Russel Harris, MD for Axelent Ltd, tells us about the X-Tra range, the customer benefits and about his career in the organization.



How did you first come into contact with Axelent?
“In my previous job with the McCue products I had regular contact with the Axelent range and customers. Axelent has a good reputation and is a strong brand in the industry, but my main contact was with the Axelent offices in France and the UK. Later in 2017 when visiting the head office in Hillerstorp, Sweden, I had the good fortune of being given a tour of the plant by Stefan Axelsson, one of the owners. There and then I knew I wanted a role within Axelent, and the following spring after discussing it with Stefan I accepted the job of sales manager for the X-Tra polymer (plastics) product range within the Axelent Group. Now I have taken another step within the organization and are now MD of our English company, Axelent Ltd.




How can the X-Tra range make an industrial plant safer and smarter?
“Industrial plants, automation, manufacturing robots, logistics and warehousing have all improved immensely in the past decade, especially since e-commerce finally took off. Safety products have had to adapt to keep up with the times. Axelent’s X-Tra range is designed to protect not only the people who work inside and outside of industrial buildings, but also the buildings and machines. Our products are also designed to withstand tough environments and to be easy to install and service, which cuts the cost of injury and damage prevention for the customer.”

What do you do to make Axelent X-Tra stand out against the competitors?
“Our product design stems from customer feedback and suggestions, which ensures the right product for each environment, for example, the fixings that protect concrete floors when our products are being installed. The product range also offers a combination of plastic, steel and iron, and is therewith not dependent on one type of material – the right product for the right application.”



If you had to recommend one product from the range, what would you choose, and why?
“I’d choose our flexible bollards. They’re indispensable in all types of facilities, from automotive to logistics as well as in manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. The products are easy to install and maintain and also possess a flexible technology that makes them extremely resistant and effective.”

Which product from the X-Tra range would you say has the biggest impact on making a workplace safer?
“With production at full speed, accidents can easily happen when there are walkers in the vicinity of heavy material handling equipment. A combination of pedestrian and obstacle barriers designed to protect the company's workforce from injury I would say has the greatest impact on safety.”


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